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invidis confidential 17|24: More Android Would Be Good for ChromeOS

Two years ago, Google re-launched ChromeOS as a more secure, more manageable B2B alternative to Android. Now, Google announced to rebuild parts of it ON Android. This invidis confidential explores what the announcement means for digital signage, along with our other stories of the week.

By embedding Android components into ChromeOS, Google hopes to offer more efficient, innovative features for education and digital signage. Industry experts believe this move will gradually transition the digital signage industry towards a more secure and capable ecosystem. In this article, we summarized how and why:

Real Madrid opens new mega fan store

One of our favorite stores when it comes to digital experiences has long been the FC Bayern World in Munich. Now, current Champions League titleholder Real Madrid opened one that promises an equally sophisticated and experimental digital experience:

Stratacache subsidiary PRN plans 100 new retail media jobs

It is no secret that Stratacache wants to make his company the number one in the in-store retail media market. A announcement Stratacache made this weeks undermines his determination: Retail media subsidiary PRN aims to recruit more than 100 tech talents to run operations in a new Sales Center in Dayton, Ohio:

The top digital signage companies in Italy and Benelux

Each year, we determine the largest and most important digital signage companies in different markets, as well as up and coming players in the field. We call it the “invidis Market Compass”. The latest compass editions are featured in our recently published 2024 yearbook “Signage & Software”, which is available for free download.

Here is an excerpt that reveals the top players in Benelux. On our website, you can also find the Market Compass Italy.

A takeover that could create a rising star in Benelux

This week, a takeover in Belgium could create new important player for Benelux that could make it into next year’s market compass: The independent digital signage integrator Digitopia acquired Belgian competitor Thisplays2. Combined, the two operate more than 34,000 touchpoints in the region:

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