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Real Madrid: New Fan Store Wows with Digital Animations

Screens featuring forced-perspective-content, sound, and holographic effects: With the support of digital signage artists from Trison Necsum, Champions League winner Real Madrid ramped up the experience in their new fan store.

Stores of this caliber can only be afforded by global superbrands – or football Champions League titleholders. In early June, Real Madrid opened a new official fan store at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. With its large-scale use of not-so-average digital signage installations, the store rivals FC Bayern World in Munich, which has long been one of our favorites in Europe in terms of digital experience.

What adds a definite WOW factor to the visitor experience, is the video content by Trison Necsum. The creative agency, a subsidiary of Spanish integrator Trison, is known for its exceptional, sound-backed animations on large screens. The Bilbao-based team uses various display formats, customizing each installation to fit the space, often in the foyers of large shopping centers or on outdoor facades. Their signature feature includes 3D-effect lions, snakes, and other predators moving across the screen.

In the Real Madrid store, a fire-breathing dragon is featured on a large LED wall that curves around what looks like the entry room. There are also digital shop windows showcasing the new team jerseys with a hologram effect with the use of what seem to be transparent LED.

This video shows the full range of digital experiences in the store:


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