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invidis Market Compass: The Top Digital Signage Players in Benelux

From the invidis Yearbook 2024: The Market Compass Benelux presents the most important digital signage companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The Benelux region, which comprises Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, is considerably more significant for the digital signage industry than its market size might suggest. The reason is that many global companies operate their European headquarters in these countries, leading to significantly more displays being purchased here than are actually used in the Benelux market. Among the verticals, the retail sector stands out in particular.

Which are the dominating integrators in Europe?

You can find the invidis Market Compass for the entire European market in our Yearbook 2024. This comprehensive resource also includes dedicated versions for all important European markets, as well as an overview of the most important integrators in North America. Download the invidis Yearbook 2024 for free.

The leaders of the Benelux region

1. First Impression
First Impression ranks first in the Benelux countries. No other company in Europe has a greater focus on concept design and scalable content than this retail specialist. With a seperate branch in France and many clients in Germany, the company plans to expand across Europe.

2. Zetadisplay
In second place is Zetadisplay, a European company with Swedish roots. Following a CEO change last year, Zetadisplay is now driving growth more aggressively, including through acquisitions.

3. Gather by Econocom
In third place is Gather, the new digital signage unit of IT giant Econocom. Since last year, Gather has consolidated all of the group’s digital signage activities under one roof.