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Infocomm Asia, Bangkok: Digital Signage Insights with invidis

The next Infocomm is just around the corner, and with it the next digital signage conference, co-hosted by invidis. It will take place on July 17 in Bangkok, focusing on the theme “Revolutionizing the Retail Experience”.

Last year, invidis held a sigital signage conference track at Infocomm Asia in Bangkok for the first time. In less than three weeks, the conference returns with the theme “Digital Signage: Revolutionizing the Retail Experience”.

Florian Rotberg from invidis will start with a keynote, taking participants on a journey through flagship stores and shopping malls around the world. He will focus on how retailers use digital signage to engage customers and drive revenue.

Next, Ivan Lau, Co-Founder and CEO of Pantheon Labs, will present on “Digital Humans and Generative AI in Retail Digital Signage”. He will show how these technologies change customer interaction, personalization, and the shopping experience. Lau will share examples of virtual shopping assistants, personalized product recommendations, and interactive brand ambassadors powered by Generative AI.

Speakers of the Digital Signage Track at Infocomm Asia (Photo: Infocomm Asia)
Speakers of the Digital Signage Track at Infocomm Asia (Photo: Infocomm Asia)

Panel on the Future of Digital Signage in Retail

Finally, Florian Rotberg will moderate a panel discussion on:

  • Emerging trends in retail digital signage technology and implementation
  • Disruptive technologies reshaping retail
  • The evolving role of digital signage in enhancing customer experience and increasing sales
  • Challenges and opportunities for retailers in the digital age
  • Actionable strategies to stay ahead in this dynamic field

The panel will feature:

  • Sebastian Svensson, CEO of Giant Pumpkin, Thailand
  • Christina Tse, Co-Founder & Advisor at Pantheon Lab, Hong Kong
  • Haryanto Pratantara, Business & Operation Director at Indonesia Retail & Tenant Association (HIPPINDO), Indonesia
  • Hubert van Doorne, Business Development Director at Nexmosphere, Netherlands

For more information about the program, speakers, and other conferences, visit the Infocomm Asia website. The Digital Signage track will take place on July 17, starting at 11:30 AM.

Infocomm Asia will run from July 17 to 19. For registration, there is a dedicated landing page.