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Stratacache Expansion: 100 New Retail Media Jobs Planned

Stratacache strengthens its retail media subsidiary PRN: A new “Sales Center of Excellence” at its headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, is set to create 100 jobs and accelerate the rollout of retail media and CTV networks.

Stratacache announces a significant expansion of its retail media activities: In Dayton, Ohio – where Stratacache’s headquarter is located – a new “Sales Center of Excellence” by PRN, Stratacache’s subsidiary specializing in retail media networks, is to be established. According to Stratacache, this will create more than 100 new jobs. With this new sales power, Stratacache aims to accelerate the rollout of retail media and CTV networks.

The PRN Sales Center is set to consolidate all expertise related to retail media in downtown Dayton – including digital in-store networks, programmatic retargeting, streaming/CTV, mobile, and digital-out-of-home.

“Global brands and retailers are struggling with the transparency and efficacy of programmatic ad tech in the store”, says Kevin Carbone, PRN CEO. “PRN provides the people and services necessary to directly overcome those challenges and ensure successful, attributable audience conversions all the way through the transaction.”

For the new center, PRN plans to recruit talents in data science, sensor technology, retail media marketing, agency work, and CPG/FMCG. With this recruitment effort, Stratacache-CEO Chris Riegel also intends to strengthen his dedication towards the company’s home city Dayton: “Continuing to expand and evolve the Dayton tech ecosystem is critical for the growth of the local economy,”Riegel, CEO of Stratacache. “We’re committed to a continuous growth of not only our digital media businesses, but also our investment in the Dayton community.”

In-store retail media is currently growing faster than almost any other advertising segment – in the US, this category is expected to generate 326 million USD this year according to Statista. With the expansion, Stratacache aims to secure additional market shares in this booming segment.