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Infocomm 2024: Brightsign Inside

Las Vegas | Brightsign has sold over 2 million purple media players and plans to sell many more. Besides external players, Brightsign also offers an SoC integrated into displays, known as Brightsign Inside. Three display providers – Bluefin, Moka (TCL), and XPO – are already using this integrated technology.

Android, Tizen, WebOS and now Brightsign – the number of digital signage SoC platforms is growing rapidly. The latest platform, Brightsign, has been available pre-installed in some displays for a year.

The most important partner is the Chinese display giant TCL, which is building a B2B brand called Moka based on Brightsign technology. This allows Brightsign partners to use the integrated platform without an external purple box.

Bluefin, a busy US display manufacturer from Atlanta, has also introduced Brightsign SoC displays. Similarly, the Dutch display manufacturer XPO has recently integrated Brightsign technology.

But Brightsign also has new products for external players: for the first time, the media player manufacturer is also offering the Windows operating system.