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Media Player: Brightsign Opens up to Windows

Las Vegas | Brightsign sold over two million digital signage players in recent years. Buyers could always relied on their player being delivered in the typical purple housing with a proprietary Brightsign OS operating system. But in times of increasing interoperability, Brightsign is opening up to the demands of customers and integrators and now also supports Windows.

At Infocomm 2024 in Las Vegas, Brightsign will be presenting the latest generation XC5 media player, for the first time with more than just one OS. The XC5 series is available with both the proprietary BrightsignOS operating system and Microsoft Windows 10 IoT and 11 IoT. Adapting the fanless players to the Windows operating system, the world’s leading enterprise operating system, was simple for Brightsign, as the XC5 models XC2055 and XC4055 are based on a Windows-compatible Intel platform.

For the first time, Brightsign players are also available with Windows, due to popular demand of many integrators and B2B end customers with global internal Windows support structures. The launch of a Windows-based player may also be the sign of a new era. CEO Steve Durkee took over the leadership of the company after Brightsign was acquired by a financial investor. Remaining on board is Brightsign’s long-time CEO, Jeff Hastings, who can now focus on the technological development of Brightsign in his role as CTO.

Invidis partner Sixteen-Nine was the first to report on Brightsign’s Windows players.