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Spatial Reality: Sony Brings 3D to the Big Screen

Las Vegas | Sony’s Spatial Reality Screens have made headlines for their outstanding 3D viewing quality since their launch. Previously, these 27-inch displays were only available as bulky desktop screens. At Infocomm, Sony is now showcasing the next generation of 3D screens that can be mounted flat on the wall like digital signage screens.

With its Vision Pro, Apple is the one establishing the Spatial Computing category. This device, now available in Germany, is a significant advancement that aims to distance itself from the Metaverse and traditional VR glasses. However, many users find the weight of the glasses bothersome after about 15 minutes. Development engineers, architects, and game developers are seeking an alternative technology platform that can be used for extended periods without causing fatigue.

This is where Sony comes into play with its Spatial Reality Screens. The development of these 3D screens is driven by Sony’s world-leading photo sensor division, and the Japanese engineers have done a great job. The first generation of Spatial Reality Screens used angled positioning, allowing for panoramic viewing from multiple sides, making them ideal for desktop use.

At Infocomm in Las Vegas, Sony is showcasing a new proof of concept with 3D displays in a vertical orientation. These displays can present depth-emphasized content in a super-realistic manner. With the sample content at the trade fair, the 3D effect is outstanding.

The new 3D displays can be installed as a 2×2 video wall or in a 4×1/1×4 arrangement, allowing considerably more content to be displayed simultaneously compared to desktop screens. However, the limitation remains that only one person at a time can experience the 3D effect.