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Samsung VXT: Soon also on Windows

Las Vegas | The digital signage software industry is still reluctant to embrace Samsung’s VXT platform. However, some ecosystem partners, particularly content providers, have adapted their offerings to VXT. At Infocomm, Samsung introduced new VXT partners and announced that Microsoft Windows support will be available in August.

The big software names are still missing, but Samsung is slowly expanding the VXT partner ecosystem to include new CMS and service providers in addition to the initial partners – French Ngine Networks (Ngine Automotive and Ngine Real Estate) and Wisar Digital (Link my PoS) from the US.

Seenspire (NL), Idomoo (IL) and Stingray (CA) are now also available on VXT. The three new partners and the group’s own offering Samsung Art all focus on content (video, templates, AI, data) and are therefore less in competition with VXT’s own CMS.

Six months after its launch, VXT remains a hotly and often also emotionally debated topic. At the Infocomm show, nearly every ISV we spoke to mentioned VXT.

VXT also for Windows from August onwards

After Tizen and Android, Samsung is also planning to support VXT for Windows in August. Multiplatform support is very important for integrators and network operators, as most digital signage networks have become a mix of different display manufacturers and operating systems over the years.