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invidis Yearbook 2024: Download the E-Book Now!

The invidis Yearbook 2024 is now available for free download! This essential guide for the digital signage industry offers in-depth analyses of the latest market trends, rankings, a special on software, and more.

The 2024 edition of the invidis Yearbook focuses on “Signage & Software,” while also featuring traditional formats like our market compasses, a software ranking, and more. Spanning 180 pages, it provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the digital signage market.

Special Focus: Software

We are currently experiencing a shift in the digital signage market: software is becoming increasingly important and is now a major part of project budgets. Both integrators and hardware providers are introducing their own CMS solutions. This year’s “Signage & Software” special explains the impact of this trend on the market and includes a ranking of CMS providers based on the number of active licenses worldwide.

Additional Highlights

In addition to the software special, the yearbook covers five key areas:

  1. Digital Signage Market: Key trends and topics in the digital signage industry.
  2. Technology: Product trends and notable projects from the past year.
  3. Market Compass: A guide to the top digital signage providers in Europe and North America.
  4. Retail Media 101: An overview of the rapidly growing retail media market.
  5. DooH: Developments in the Digital out-of-Home market in Germany and North America, including a map of iconic global networks.

Whether you’re a digital signage professional or aspiring to become one, this yearbook is a must-read. We hope you enjoy the new issue. A big thank you goes to our content partner Dave Haynes from Sixteen-Nine, who covers the North American market for us.