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Lefties: Digital meets Historic

Inditex’s Lefties flagship in Barcelona – opened in late 2022 – remains best practice of digital instore and digital signage. Definitely a must-see for ISE 2024 participants. In 2023 Inditex opened a new Lefties store in the city center inside a historic building. Not as fancy at the large flagship but worthwhile a visit, too.

Barcelona | If you’re at ISE 2024 and are very short on time, Inditex opened a new lefties at Portal de l’Àngel in the pedestrian zone of Barcelona just five minutes’ walk from Placa Catalunya. The new store is less digital but features many of the cool new touchpoint concepts of the larger store at Diagonal de Mar Shopping Center.

Lefties Portal de l'Àngel in Barcelona (Photo: Lefties)
Lefties Portal de l’Àngel in Barcelona (Photo: Lefties)

The store is located in Portal de l’Àngel, inside one of the most emblematic buildings in the city. Until the pandemic the building was home of a Benetton flagship store fitted with plenty of digital signage (at least for the time of opening). The new Lefties store offers the fully digitized shopping experience in a historic space including renewed and expanded customization space, Easy Pay checkouts, smart fitting rooms, online pick up lockers, cafeteria, the new Beauty collection.