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Infocomm 24: Samsung Introduces E-Paper Display

Las Vegas | Following in the footsteps of PPDS and Sharp, Samsung has unveiled its professional full-color e-paper display solutions for digital signage applications, designed for extremely low power consumption. The first product in Samsung’s line is an ultra-thin 32-inch screen.

Although Las Vegas is certainly not the hub of sustainability, it was here where Samsung chose to presented its most eco-friendly display to date: The Samsung Color E-Paper, unveiled at Infocomm 2024, consumes just 0.001 watts to display static images and uses significantly less power than conventional digital signage screens when changing images.

Samsung’s initial e-paper model, the EMDX, features a very thin 32-inch display with a QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and a color space of 60,000 colors. It can display six colors per pixel: red, yellow, green, blue, white, and black. Weighing only 2.9 kilograms and with a depth of 17.9 millimeters, the e-paper screen is easy to install on walls and ceilings.

Samsung, like PPDS, Sharp, and Dynascan, utilizes e-ink displays, specifically the latest Spectra 6 technology. The Taiwanese manufacturer, holding more than 90 percent of the market share, is the de facto standard in the industry.

Samsung e-paper integrated into the ecosystem

For the content management of the Color E-Paper, Samsung introduced a dedicated app, which allows users to create and modify content. Like other Samsung displays and LEDs, the new e-paper can also be controlled with the Samsung VXT solution, which supports real-time monitoring and remote management of multiple e-paper displays simultaneously. The VXT-CMS Canvas also offers a variety of templates that are optimized for e-paper displays.

The Color E-Paper includes two USB-C ports for charging and data transfer, and it supports WLAN and Bluetooth. It also features 8 gigabytes of flash memory, an interchangeable bezel for customizable colors, and a VESA standard wall mount.