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DooH: Intelligent Content Concept

Las Vegas | Infocomm 24 opens its doors today in the scorching summer heat of the Nevada desert. Before the ProAV and digital signage world meets in the cooled exhibition halls, invidis was out and about looking for new projects and innovations. One of the highlights: Cisco’s DooH campaign for Cisco Live, which was designed so intelligently that it can be easily adapted to different formats.

The Cisco campaign features an animated infinity sign representing data streams managed at its core by Cisco. This likely served as the briefing for the creative agency, which they used to develop a highly adaptable DooH campaign.

Cisco secured multiple DooH screens of various sizes along the Las Vegas Strip for their event campaign. Each LED differs in resolution, aspect ratio, and one even lacks a corner due to architectural constraints. The creation, however, allows the animated background to adjust seamlessly to the LED surface, whether portrait or landscape. A task that can easily be carried out by AI.

DooH campaigns should in general be designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to different screen sizes. But the reality often shows distorted motifs, black edges, or zoomed-in motifs.