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Infocomm 24: LG meets Google ChromeOS

Las Vegas | LG and Google are joining forces in the digital signage market – LG is the first display manufacturer to integrate ChromeOS as an operating system for kiosk solutions and interactive touchscreens. In the education market in particular, Google ChromeOS is the leading OS in many countries, and now Google is also bringing ChromeOS to IWB and retail tech.

The LG/Google highlight zone at the LG stand at Infocomm is inconspicuous – a pair of interactive touchscreens and a kiosk system. Neither MicroLED nor AI promise a revolution – but things get interesting under the hood. As part of a cooperation between LG and Google, the Korean display manufacturer is offering Google ChromeOS based digital signage solutions

While the education market is dominated by Android-based screens – even Samsung offers Android instead of Tizen for schools – there is still a lack of native ChromeOS solutions. Pouring some water in the wine, the screens and the kiosk exhibited at Infocomm have been retrofitted with Google Chrome OS Flex and are not yet native ChromeOS.

The LG kiosk is built on a Windows-based platform on which ChromeOS Flex was installed. The two education touchscreens were converted to ChromeOS Flex using an OPS plug-in media player. LG launched a ChromeOS Flex OPS for a year.

The first native ChromeOS-based solutions should be available in the near future. ChromeOS Flex is a slightly slimmed down version of ChromeOS and is particularly suitable for older Windows systems.