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Infocomm 24: Fascination The Sphere

Las Vegas | On the eve of Infocomm 24, the ProAV industry gathered for an opening event in the Sphere. The Sphere, which inspires thousands of visitors daily, also captivated the ProAV professionals.

A lot has already been written on the Vegas’ new giant, but the motto for The Sphere is “seeing is believing”. The sheer size of the LED screen, the power of the sound made in Berlin, the movement of the seats, and the wind and scent combine to provide a unique immersive experience. As a viewer, you feel drawn into the action of the film. The vast expanse of space is hyper-realistic, and the technology engages all the senses, even if the storytelling is sometimes a bit kitschy.

We at invidis have extensively reported on the technology, the LED, and the DooH marketing of the outer shell (invidis report). However, the experience of the 18 million pixels in the large circle of the sphere is challenging to convey in words or capture on video. The Sphere currently occupies the top position on the open-ended Wow scale.

If you’re in Las Vegas, you should take the chance to visit one of the four daily shows. Like everything in the city, visiting The Sphere is not a cheap experience – tickets for the 55-minute show cost between $79 and $249.