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Starbucks: Reusable and Clean

It’s not just in Germany that customers are increasingly using reusable cups and thermos when ordering to go. In South Korea, Starbucks and LG are now offering self-service instore dishwashers for bring-your-own coffee cups – topped with a DooH display, of course.

LG Electronics presented its innovative mini dishwasher LG MyCup for the first time at CES 2024. Now all Starbucks branches in South Korea have been equipped with the instore dishwasher to enable guests a more sustainable and clean restaurant experience. Other QSR chains in South Korea – such as McDonalds – are also investing in reusable tableware. Instore drinks are served only in reusable cups. But Starbucks’ self-service dishwasher for bring-your-own cups and thermos is unique.

The device was developed to clean individual glasses, mugs or cups extremely quickly. To do this, the customer simply has to place the respective cup in the dishwasher and select one of the two available cleaning programs via an app.

Starbucks offers LG dishwashers for bring your own drinkware (Image: Starbucks)
Starbucks offers LG dishwashers for bring your own drinkware (Image: Starbucks)

Residue-free cleaning – even for dairy products

The Quick Wash and Extra Wash options are available, both of which use 65 degree Celsius hot water cycles. The difference: Quick Wash uses water-saving bubble jet technology to clean slightly dirty glasses in just 30 seconds. For tougher cases – for example, with dairy residues – LG recommends using Extra Wash. Here, a multidirectional water jet cleans the container without leaving any residue before it is dried with strong hot air.

The dishwasher rollout – in cooperation with the South Korean ministry of environment – is just one of many Starbucks’ sustainability initiatives. The coffee chain is actively transforming its almost 40.000 restaurants worldwide to Greener Stores including ESL and digital signage in the drive-thru and for menu boards.

Compact and with screen

The compact dimensions of the dishwasher topped with a screen for retail media and DooH campaigns make it easy to integrate the dishwasher into the shop design. It is not yet clear whether the machines will also come to Europe. The screen is ideal for DooH campaigns, as the rinsing process takes at least 30 seconds. The user’s full attention is guaranteed.