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invidis Compass: What’s the Best Software on the Market?

The invidis Digital Signage Software Compass is the first tool to provide an independent, detailed comparison for the multitude of software solutions on the market.

Analyzing hardware is a piece of cake compared to analyzing software. While you can easily measure the performance metrics like SoCs, display brightness, or power consumption, software is much more complex: There are tons of features that often sound the same but are not. Some of them only reveal their limitations at third glance. Then there are features that every solution refers to under a different name. Moreover, digital signage software is often customized for clients. So, how do you compare it?

With the invidis Software Compass, invidis has developed a comparison tool that is exclusively based on data verified by our own experts. With the launch, 25 leading CMS platforms are available for comparison, with many more being added continuously.

What makes comparison so complex

Most ProAV and digital signage integrators stick to platforms they know unless they’ve developed their own software. For end customers and IT integrators who are new to digital signage, choosing the right CMS platform is a “mission impossible”. Even big players in the market with revenues beyond the one-billion-dollar mark look for guidance in the CMS landscape.

Eighteen months ago, we decided to address this issue. There are dozens of software comparison tools online, offering what seems like an independent comparison of digital signage solutions. However, these comparisons rely on data from the providers themselves and lack independent verification. These so-called comparison portals are mainly for lead generation tools. Additionally, different customers have very different software requirements, which these tools often overlook.

Our goal, on the other hand, is to cut through the jungle of solutions and make digital signage software comparable for customers.

The only independent comparison tool

We rose to the challenge and created the invidis Compass, the industry’s first independent comparison tool. We documented 120 features for each provider, verifying them through personal interviews. We analyzed corporate strategies to assess the solutions’ future viability and evaluated the completeness of their offerings, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

We developed the Digital Signage Compass to provide:

  • A comprehensive platform covering digital signage software topics
  • Expert knowledge with editorial independence and neutrality
  • Transparency in a fragmented market
  • An independent guide to digital signage software

The invidis Software Compass is a premium offering from invidis consulting, continuously evolving. It starts with 25 of the world’s leading digital signage software solutions, analyzed over recent months, with many more in the pipeline. New features of the covered platforms will also be added regularly.

Users – end customers, integrators, and software market companions – can evaluate their individual requirements based on ten categories to find the right software solution for them.

The invidis Digital Signage Compass is designed for:

  • End users looking for the perfect digital signage solution
  • IT/AV/DS integrators without a software platform
  • Integrators with their own software solutions looking for alternatives / for benchmarking
  • Independent software vendors (ISVs)

The invidis Digital Signage Software Compass is a comprehensive resource and platform for digital signage software topics, offering expert knowledge, editorial independence, and transparency in a fragmented market. Our current focus is on digital signage content management systems, soon to be complemented by remote device management (RDM).

Introductory offer

For the launch of the invidis Compass, we’re offering an annual subscription at an introductory price of 2,000 euros net until the end of June 2024. From July onwards, the regular annual subscription will be 2,750 euros net. One subscription is enough for company-wide use.

In addition to the most comprehensive software comparison in the industry, subscribers to the invidis Software Compass also get access to exclusive invidis industry analyses and market commentaries.

Our current focus is on digital signage content management systems, soon to be complemented by remote device management (RDM).