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invidis academy: Broadening the Knowledge Base for Our Industry

Invidis continues to build its knowledge hub platform by adding the invidis academy to its portfolio. The training course is aimed at newcomers to the industry and potential buyers of digital signage services. Customized training programs are also available, but all sessions will initially be online. The first sessions are booked for June. 

“When we met with market participants over the past few years, we were far too often puzzled by the lack of holistic skills in the industry,” said Markus Deserno, partner at invidis impact, commenting on the new service offering. “Depending on where the customer was in the value chain, they knew everything about their specific part, but had difficulty defining the essentials in other parts of the value chain,” Markus continues.

“I came into the industry quite late and there was no curriculum to get up to speed quickly,” says Daniel Oelker, the second invidis impact partner working on the project. “We put ourselves in the shoes of newcomers to the industry and buyers on the customer side and clearly saw a gap in the market offering,” adds Marco Wassermann, the third partner of invidis impact, about the reasons for the academy.  

Three options 

The training program consists of three options where participants can either start with a general introduction in three hours or a deep dive with four half-day modules. All training will be delivered online, recognizing the geographical spread of the industry. Training is available in either English or German.

For more information, please contact academy@invidis.com for a detailed program.