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PoS: HH Global Acquires Displayplan

The PoS experts HH Global are acquiring British competitor Displayplan – expanding the global offering to include design engineering and production management of complex point-of-sale solutions and digital experience-oriented customer interactions. HH Global develops and rolls out classic and digital PoS elements.

When it comes to PoS, the digital signage industry usually thinks of digital screens, sensors, and immersive experiences. But the reality is often different: cardboard displays, promoters, and pricing. Each national sales organization of major CPG brands pursues its own strategy, commissions its own advertising materials, and somehow measures success – sometimes more, sometimes less. HH Global takes care of the conception, implementation, and measurement of PoS measures for FMCG and other global retail brands. Both for classic PoS campaigns and digital ones across all sales channels.

Acquisition of Displayplan

Now HH Global is taking over competitor Displayplan and expanding the HH Global Creative + Digital Community team of over 500 employees who work in 34 studios in 15 countries. Displayplan has the skills and the experience of a full-service digital signage integrator with its own content agency, technology integration, operations, service and data analysis. Customers such as Samsung Mobile, P&G, and Mars rely on Displayplan to showcase their products with digital signage at the PoS and optimize sales.

With the acquisition of Displayplan, HH Global now gains additional digital expertise and access to a global digital signage ecosystem. The focus is on the millions of small digital signage installations in multi-brand stores – often only 1-2 small displays that were previously traditionally supplied with content via memory sticks. For real-time analytics and cross-channel PoS strategies, the screens now also have to be connected online.