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AirXtouch: Premiere for Table-Top Touchless Kiosk

The Canadian fried chicken specialist Rôtisseries St-Hubert is the first customer to use the latest generation of contactless order terminals from Inui Studio. The 32″ table top terminals are a further development of the 55″ wall displays, which have been in use by the Canadian QSR chain since 2022.

In addition to Ameria from Heidelberg, Inui Studio with AirXtouch is the second European provider of touchless digital signage systems. The Luxembourg company’s largest customer is Rôtisseries St-Hubert from Quebec in Canada, which already operates AirXtouch order terminals in 36 restaurants. For guests in QSR restaurants, touchless order terminals are more hygienic as the food is usually eaten with fingers after ordering.

The first AirXtouch equipped Canadian restaurants received more than 13,000 orders through the non-touch ordering terminals. This represents a 160% increase in orders within four months.

The AirXtouch terminals enable contactless interactions through real-time movement tracking. Equipped with 2D cameras, the terminals record movements in space up to a distance of 4 cm from the screen.

New PoS partner in Canada

While the AirXtouch network continues to operate in the St-Hubert Group’s restaurants, the Luxembourgers are aiming to equip other restaurants and franchises with touchless systems. To this end, Inui-Studio is relying on a new strategic partnership with the Canadian PoS software and PoS payment system provider PayFacto Payments.