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DooH: New Record – Largest Indoor Screen

Of course, Dubai is setting a new record again – the largest LED indoor screen was put into operation in the Dubai Mall at the beginning of the year. The location it’s in is well known for records: the Dubai Mall Aquarium. Since 2017, it is home to the world’s largest OLED video wall, composed of 820 screens. Now, 820 LG OLEDs have been swapped for 980 m² of Infiled LED.

The concept of a video wall on an aquarium remains an exotic one – but in the world’s largest mall, there is space for an 11 million liter aquarium crowned by a 980m² LED. It is located just a few steps away from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with the tallest media facade. Welcome to Dubai – the place for WoW and experiences.

The OLED wave with too many pixels to manage

For LG, it was the ideal place to get attention for curved OLED screens in 2017. With an immense construction, 820 professional OLED screens were installed above the Dubai Mall Aquarium. The video wall was recognized with a Guinness Book of Record Award. Unfortunately, the concept proved too ambitious – the 709m² OLED wall had a resolution of 1.7 billion pixels. Content production was a nightmare and only few campaigns ended up being developed for the wall. The first generation of OLED also did not prove very durable – so the OLED wall went black and stayed like that for years.

The corner comes into focus

Now, the video wall has been upgraded with Infiled 3.9mm LED (MV series). The 70x40m LED wall offers a manageable physical resolution of 64 million pixels that is completely sufficient for the human eye. What was particularly important was the low weight of the LED cabinets – which is 20kg for the MV series.

While the optical effects of the OLED wall was a wave made out of curved, highly reflective screens, the new concept relies on large, smooth surfaces with round corners. It is completely the same style as those 3D billboards that are so popular worldwide for DooH campaigns. It remains to be seen whether the 3D effect will be effective in the tightly enclosed Dubai Mall. But the new LED wall – installed over months exclusively at night by the regional digital signage integrator Blue Rhine – is now once again becoming the highlight location for DooH campaigns in the Middle East.

Upgrade for the largest LED wall in the world

The media façade on the Burj Khalifa – the world’s largest digital signage wall – is also due for a technology refresh and will be upgraded with new, higher-resolution LED elements in the coming months. Dubai is dressing up to compete for global attention – especially to continue to shine against the up-and-coming Saudi Arabia.