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ISE 2024: Downtown Projection Mapping is Back

ISE 2022 started early with the spectacular project mapping “Living Architecture” at Casa Batllo in the heart of Barcelona. Refik Anadol’s digital masterpiece projected in front of 47,000 people was afterwards auctioned at Christie’s for EUR 1.38 million. This year, it is artist Sofia Crespo who will immerse the Casa’ structure in her art.

Flash back to May 2022 – the summer ISE in Barcelona nobody will ever forget. Besides meeting the industry again the first time after the pendemic, most attendees will remember legendary beach parties and the spectacular project mapping by Refik Anadol.

Refik Anadol projection mapping at ISE 2022 (Photo: Panasonic)
Refik Anadol projection mapping at ISE 2022 (Photo: Panasonic)

Panasonic projectors transformed the façade of Casa Batlló into an audiovisual show based on nature and starring the universe of Antoni Gaudí, an initiative that has subsequently become a digital work of art in NFT format that has been auctioned for EUR 1.3 million in New York.

“Living Architecture”, a multi-sensory mapping experience

The mapping projection at Casa Batlló, with the use of Panasonic projectors, was carried out within the framework of the Celebration Offf festival and Integrated Systems Europe. “Living Architecture”, the work of digital artist Refik Anadol, took Gaudí’s legacy into the future with an impressive projection on the façade of the emblematic Casa Batlló.


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This year’s artist: Sofia Crespo

Now, ISE has announced this year’s artist: Sofia Crespo, co-founder of the Entangled Others Studio: She is primarily known for her work with neural networks and machine learning, as well as her interest in biologically inspired technologies. Her works, including Neural Zoo and Artificial Remnants, explore the potential of AI in artistic practice.

Sofia Crespo’s creations have been exhibited worldwide, including a month-long takeover of Times Square last May, featuring digital works on 96 screens. She was also part of the Meta AI Artist-in-Residence program in collaboration with Meta Open Arts, where she developed the project Critically Extant, addressing endangered species.

“Structures of Being” at Casa Batlló

The mapping titled “Structures of Being” at the iconic Casa Batlló will take place on Saturday, January 27, and Sunday, January 28, 2024, showcasing the fusion of biological themes and artificial intelligence.

The Artist at ISE

Sofia Crespo will also deliver a keynote on the ISE Show Floor Stage in Hall 4, located in the rear part of the Content Production and Distribution Technology Zone. In her keynote, she will elaborate on the Casa Batlló projection and the creative, technological, and production methods that allowed the project to be developed and implemented in a short period.

The keynote is scheduled for February 1 at 1:15 PM. Additionally, ISE visitors who couldn’t make it to Casa Batlló can view the digital art on the ISE Creative Cube, a 6 by 2 meters LED monolith with four screens, operated by Lang AG and situated in close proximity to the ISE Show Floor Stage. The digital art will be on display throughout the entire duration of ISE 2024.