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ISE 2024: 5 Reasons Why Invidis Events Are a Must

Extensive Q&A on Samsung VXT, opportunities and challenges of Retail Media, and more: here are five reasons to join our digital signage events during ISE.

We usually prefer talking about digital signage rather than ourselves. When we do talk about ourselves, it’s for a reason: this time, it’s our events during ISE. As most of our readers know, we are also co-organizers of the Digital Signage Summit conference series. Most people also know that we don’t sell speaker slots for our events. Instead, we keep a close eye on the topics shaping the industry throughout the year and identify challenges on the horizon. We then bring these topics to our conferences where we discuss them with C-level executives.

When and Where

The Digital Signage Summit ISE will take place on Wednesday, January 31, in room CC5.1 at Fira Barcelona. It starts at 10:30 AM and ends at 2:30 PM. Directly following at 3:00 PM, the ISE Retail Forum continues in room CC5.3, concluding at 5:35 PM.

With this premise in mind, we highlight our top topics here, believing that everyone in the industry should address them. We will cover all of them at the Digital Signage Summit (DSS) ISE. One of these topics is so comprehensive that we will dedicate a separate event to it: the ISE Retail Forum. Here are 5 reasons why you should attend these events:

  1. Grand unveiling of Samsung VXT: At ISE, Samsung will launch its Magic-Info successor on a large scale. The positioning of this new Digital Signage platform has not been clear to many integrators and software providers. To address this, we have invited “Mr. VXT” Alex Lee from Samsung Headquarters in South Korea and Samsung Vice President Simon Jackson to DSS ISE. Anyone who wants to truly understand what Samsung VXT is (invidis report) and what it means for the industry should attend the morning conference.
  2. Getting to know Gather-CEO Jean Pierre Overbeek: Global IT integrator Econocom has had its own AV business unit, Gather, since fall 2023. The goal is clearly to become the European market leader. Econocom’s advantages include its experience with as-a-service offerings and lifecycle management. At DSS ISE, we will ask the CEO how Gather is positioned in these areas. (invidis interview)
  3. Everything about the hype of the year, retail media: In recent years, retail media has emerged as an important new business area for the entire digital signage and DooH value chain. Last year, many retailers also recognized the potential that lies in monetarizing their data and their store footfall. At our new event, ISE Retail Forum, we will bring both sides of the coin together and explain how retail media differs from DooH (invidis report).
  4. Dimitri Gärtner, CEO of DooH disruptor Framen, will speak: Framen is one of the players active in the German retail media market. Their model fundamentally differs from the competition with an extremely low entry barrier for the operator. As one of the guests at the ISE Retail Forum, Dimitri Gärtner will talk about the Framen’s strategy and experiences (invidis interview).

Registration for both events is still possible. For DSS ISE, you can register on the ISE website. If you are interested in the ISE Retail Forum, please send an email to Merle Mommaal: merle.mommaal@invidis.com.