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Golden Goose: The Co-Creation Instore Experience

Milan | The Italian vintage sneaker manufacturer Golden Goose has recognized how important an individual style is to customers: in a spectacular flagship store in Milan, they invented an unusual way of personalizing your sneakers. This Co-Creation Lab implemented by M-Cube sets new standards for retail experiences.

Golden Goose not only hits the nerve of customers with its shoes, but also arouses the interest of the financial markets. The Italian shoe brand with the used-style skateboard sneakers is scheduled to go public in 2024. Similar to Moncler, smaller Italian luxury labels are very successful in identifying upcoming trends faster than some of the global luxury groups. Affordable luxury is in and Italy’s fashion companies have recognized the signs of the times.

A great example is the Golden Goose flagship store in the heart of Milan. This is where you can buy and personalize your shoes the Golden Goose 10F1 model. The ground floor of the store is more reminiscent of a workshop than a retail space. Eight washing machines – Distress Machines – filled with metal and other hard materials immediately catch your eye when you enter the store. But first things first.

It all starts with the 10F1 – the white basic sneaker from Golden Goose. Customers can create their own design on a large-format touchscreen, which is then applied instore on the shores in front of the customer. The entire process is also recorded on video so customers can later share the personalization craftsmanship with friends and via social media.

Golden Goose Flagship in Milan (Photo: invidis)
Golden Goose Flagship in Milan (Photo: invidis)

In a second step, the personalized sneakers are trimmed to look old in the distress machines aka washing machines. Small scratches and abrasions on the new shoes in the washing machines are necessary for the vintage look.

At the end, a selfie stage is available to share the newly purchased shoes and experiences with the world. This is how unforgettable and shareable shopping experiences are created.

Golden Goose calls personalization co-creation

“Your story is our story – At Golden you can create anything together, anywhere. That’s our motto, that’s our story. Take part in our exclusive co-creation experience and make your favorite products even more special with our Sneaker Makers Yours. Let your dreams take shape with your most special shoe.”