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CES 2024: Samsung Shows 1,29cm-Slim TV

It may be referred to as the Twiggy of display models: The new Samsung consumer TV QN900D is only 1,29 centimeters thick. A form factor that is yet to be achieved in the professional display segment.

Of course, all the new consumer TVs being presented in Las Vegas this week are smarter (thanks to integrated AI chips), more secure (thanks to IT security platforms), and offer even better picture quality. These are features that make for a good press release but aren’t life-changing for most users. Especially from a digital signage perspective, most displays available in the market are already ‘good enough.’

However, when it comes to form factor and sustainability, there’s still room for significant development. At the past ISE show in January 2023, Samsung already had the slimmest display model with a depth of less than 3 centimeters. At CES this year, Samsung is pushing the boundaries even further. The consumer TV 65″ QN900D has a depth of only 1,29 centimeters. That’s incredibly thin, approaching the size of a poster.

In the professional display segment, the US display manufacturer Videri has been the leader in slimness so far. At ISE in less than three weeks, the company will showcase a new generation of their wireless displays, including ultra-thin mounts.

As displays become thinner, the mounting solutions become more noticeable. Peerless & Co. have historically invested heavily in durability and usability of display mounts, designed with sufficient depth for the market. However, the ultra-thin displays of the newest generation require new mounting concepts.