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CES 2024: Samsung’s First Transparent MicroLED Panel

It is crystal clear and has a high contrast rate at the same time: Samsung is showcasing a transparent MicroLED solution as a world premiere at CES 2024. It is the result of six years of R&D.

The domain of transparent LED was long dominated by LG’s OLED solution. At the CES show that’s currently running in Las Vegas, Samsung pushes into LG territory by unveiling a transparent MicroLED prototype at CES 2024.

Samsung first showed the product at the Samsung First Look event on January 7 ahead of the show.

The glass-like panel aims to revolutionize the viewing experience and attract consumer attention. Samsung has not yet disclosed details about the display, such as information on the pixel pitch. According to Engadget, Samsung presented three variatione – two with a tinted display and one with a clear glass display. Samsung also released a short video showcasing the transparent MicroLED solution.


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According to the manufacturer, six years of research and development went into this transparent panel. It is only one of the many visual solutions Samsung is unveiling at CES 2024, including ultra-thin displays and funky gadgets like a projector on wheels.