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Remote Tower: Digital Signage Extremely Critical

Digital signage screens on the shop floor or in QSRs are business critical, but nothing compares to air traffic control remote towers. The Norwegian airport operator Avinor already centrally controls eleven airports from one location, with seven more soon to be added. The control center showcases digital signage at its best.

Avinor’s tower center in Bodø currently controls 11 airports remotely. This remote tower concept works so well that seven more Norwegian airports will soon be managed from Bodø. Using high-resolution video, infrared cameras, and professional displays, air traffic controllers can monitor traffic even at distant airports.

Air traffic controllers are based at central control center work stations each fitted with a large array of digital signage screens. The curved display setup partially resembles the view from a physical control tower. Avinor’s remote towers system will be upgraded to allow each workstation to operate up to three airports simultaneously.

Avinor’s technology partner is Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, which supplies airport installations, including cameras and other technical infrastructure.