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M&A: AVI-SPL Expands into Europe and Latin America

One of the global top 3 ProAV and digital signage integrators is getting even bigger: AVI-SPL announced the acquisition of ICAP Global, one of the market leaders in Latin America and Spain. Even though ICAP is more active in the classic ProAV integration and distribution business than in the digital signage market, the takeover shows how managed service providers are increasingly setting the pace in the market.

Most invidis readers will be unfamiliar with the South American ProAV and digital signage market. But a lively digital signage market has developed between Colombia and Argentina in recent years, despite economic crises and the COVID pandemic. And AVI-SPL – one of the three ProAV revenue billionaires together with Diversified and AVI Systems – is continuously expanding its presence in Latin America.

At the end of 2022, the Americans took over Multimedia de México, one of Mexico’s most important integrators. With the acquisition of ICAP Global, which has now been completed, AVI-SPL is now gaining a significant presence in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia. In addition to Latin America, ICAP is also active in Spain – not only as UCC and digital signage integrator but also as ProAV distributor.

Managed services worldwide with uniform standards

ICAP Global was founded in 1957 and is now active in the most important markets in Latin America (with the exception of Brazil) and Spain. ICAP will be integrated into the global AVI-SPL organization, which supplies enterprise customers with ProAV, digital signage, UCC and IoT services. Global enterprises are increasingly standardizing AV infrastructure and AV services after years of IT standardization. AVI-SPL has grown to become one of the few integrators providing major customers worldwide on site with standardized services.

For more information about the Latin American ProAV and digital signage market consult AVI Latino America‘s news – the invidis editorial partner for everything Latin America

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Size and scaling count for managed services

Not only ProAV but also IT and security specialists are consolidating the global ProAV and digital signage market. The IT security specialist took over the Latin American AV integrator Seal Telecom in 2021 and Ricoh invested in Latin America with the acquisition of Videocorp. In Europe, Ricoh made a name for itself in 2021 with the acquisition of Datavision. ProAV companies – whether integrators or distributors – are attractive takeover candidates not only in Europe.

New challenges for ProAV alliance GPA

Since no integrator is present worldwide with its own team, large integrators cooperate within the framework of global alliances. GPA is the most important of the AV alliances. In each regional market, only one partner is active exclusively for all alliance members. With the takeover of ICAP by AVI-SPL – which, as one of the most important GPA members, representing GPA in South America and Spain – the finely balanced partner structure is now out of balance. What will happen next with ICAP and GPA will certainly be one of the hotly debated topics at Infocomm 2024 in mid-June in Las Vegas.