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invidis confidential 14|24: Green Signage Has Become a Movement

Once a novel concept, green signage appears to have become a movement in a joint industry effort, driven by some players venturing out making something greener that supposedly never is or will be.

In hindsight, combining the words ‘green’ and ‘digital signage’ seems rather audacious. Especially considering it was in 2021 when invidis coined the term. It still is a bold assumption to think screens would ever have something close to a positive impact on the environment – or is it?

Admittedly, digital signage in itself will never be a green thing. But it can definitely be built, operated, and dispensed of more sustainably. And there has been a movement of companies tweaking, adjusting, and newly developing their product lines to achieve exactly that.

Now we see innovations that noone even thought of a couple of years ago: the good old LCD screen using drastically less energy, operating systems proloing the lifespan of displays, software companies complying with principles for more sustainable development, and e-paper displays getting up to the standard to actually be considered an alternative to screens.

We wanted to highlight these advancements and picked 14 products and solutions for what we call the “Green Signage – Hall of Fame”:

Our top green signage picks

At DSS Europe this May, we showcased our top picks for this year: a remote power switch for LED by Sharp/NEC, e-paper displays by Visionect and PPDS, a hardware-agnostic remote management platform by SignageOS, and many more. The Green Signage – Hall of Fame is definitely something you can expect to see next year again.

This week, we also published a nice little throwback video, in which we asked some familiar industry heads for their main takeaways of DSS Europe 2024:


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Looking ahead to Infocomm 2024

Less than a month after DSS Europe, the next industry highlight is only one weekend away: Infocomm in Las Vegas. invidis will also be there, so you can expect an opinionated summary in next week’s confidential.

To prepare, our content partner Dave Haynes from Sixteen Nine put in the work to write a post compiling details on the digital signage hall, on learning opportunities, on transport, and on networking events on the sidelines of Infocomm.

As part of the show’s education program, Florian Rotberg from invidis will lead a tour through Atomic Golf, a new Vegas-style golfing venue with lots of digital signage. More on the tour in the Infocomm schedule and in this post:

Companies and faces this week

This week, Stratacache announced not one but two acquisitions – both in the span of 24 hours. By acquiring Scala partner Master Point AG, Stratacache is investing in Germany, Europe’s largest digital signage market. With the acquisition of Canadian Dot2Dot Communications, Chris Riegel and his team got their hands on their own OoH ad manager platform.

European DooH network owner Ocean Outdoor announced a leadership change: Stephen Joseph, currently the COO and CFO, will become the Group CEO on January 1, 2025. He will succeed Tim Bleakley, who will become the Chairman of the Board. In this interview, both explain Ocean’s motives for this succession process that has been in the making for a longer time.

The Swedish digital signage integrator Zetadisplay reported a revenue increase by 6.4% to 11.1 million euros in the first quarter of 2024. With a SaaS share of 47.8%, Zetadisplay generated almost every second euro with software licenses and services. Since autumn 2023, the new management has been restructuring the company while acquiring integrators in the UK and Austria.

From around the globe: Dubai’s mega mall

In 2023, Dubai Mall became the globe’s most visited place with over 105 million visitors. The world’s second-largest mall is now set to become even larger with the addition of 240 new luxury stores. Dubai also announced a new drive-through mall for EV cars only and a new mega skyscraper.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Antonia Hamberger