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Infocomm 2024: invidis to Lead Guided Tour of Atomic Golf

A far cry from the traditional golf course: Atomic Golf is high-tech golfing Vegas-Style with lots of digital experience. On June 13, Florian Rotberg from invidis will give a tour of the newest attraction in the capital of bling.

Atomic Golf is a new, futuristic golf attraction in Las Vegas that opened in March. It features high-tech teeing grounds combined with entertainment and digital glamour. As part of Infocomm 2024, invidis expert Florian Rotberg will lead a tour of this attraction. Derek Austin, Director of Facilities at Atomic Golf, will also be present. More details to where and when the tour will take place can be found on the Infocomm website.

Several representatives from companies involved in the digital infrastructure will speak:

  • Megan Zeller, Sr. Director of Business Development at Peerless-AV
  • Jerry Zemanski, Vice President at Jones Sign
  • Chris Hawthorne, Owner of Simply Connected Inc
  • Daniel Wheeler, Senior Account Manager at LG Business Solutions USA

The tour will show how digital experiences are integrated into every stage of the customer journey at Atomic Golf. This includes displays with live sporting events, news, directions, promotions, and real-time game information in each tee box. Attendees will learn about the installation and maintenance of the digital signage network and its operating system.

Additionally, the representatives from the participating vendors will discuss setting up the digital signage network. Florian Rotberg will provide an update on the digital signage market, including current trends and drivers. He will focus on new services and software for mission-critical applications, sustainable digital signage practices, and best practices in entertainment and sports venues. He will also explain the shift in customer demand towards “as a service” models.

The Atomic Golf Tour will take place on Thursday, June 13, at 2:30 pm. More details can be found in the Infocomm agenda.