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42” E-Paper: Dynascan Presents Largest E-Paper Display

Outdoor display specialist Dynascan is jumping onto the e-paper bandwagon – at ISE 2024 the Taiwanese digital signage manufacturer presented the world’s largest e-paper to date, set to launch this year. The technology is ideal for transit shelter and other non-video use-cases.

Size has so far been a limiting factor for e-paper displays. While smaller formats of up to 25 inches were sufficient to be used as signposts, outdoor advertising was previously excluded as a use case. With its new 32-inch version, PPDS was able to score points straight away and win a DooH rollout from Deutsche Telekom. Now the outdoor display experts of Dynascan followed up and even showed a 42-inch model.

The 42-inch model is the largest full-color e-paper display to date. It is part of Dynascan’s first e-paper line-up, which also consists of a 13.3-inch and a 25.3-inch model. Unlike the two smaller formats, Dynascan also wants to bring the large format onto the market in a monochrome version.

Like its competitors, Dynascan uses the latest color technology from E-Ink, which is not only sunlight-proof but extremely energy-efficient compared to LCD. Like its LED and LCD line-up, Dynascan equipped its e-paper displays with a housing suitable to be used outdoors. Screens can be operated at temperatures ranging from -15 to 65 degrees Celsius. In addition to DooH applications, they are also suitable as shop window displays.

Dynascan plans to launch the new e-paper line in 2024. Even larger formats are planned for the future, but that depends on the manufacturer E Ink.