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Retail Media Networks: The USD 140bn Opportunity

From online to in-store: how can the success of retail media be replicated? Find out more in this panel discussion from DSS ISE 2024 with Florian Rotberg from invidis, Jan Reiners from OoH platform market leader Broadsign, and Iman Nahvi from analytics specialist Advertima.

How can the success of online retail media be transferred to in-store retail media? In recent years, online retailers, especially Amazon, have been able to generate huge new revenues with advertising on their e-commerce platforms. Now many large retailers are following suit with their physical stores. The development of retail media networks in stores has enormous potential, but is a process involving many small steps.

This market, often referred to as the 140 billion dollar opportunity, is the topic of this panel discussion, which took place at the Digital Signage Summit (DSS) ISE. Together with Florian Rotberg from invidis, Jan Reiners from Broadsign and Iman Nahvi from Advertima discuss the topic.


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