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PPDS at ISE 2024: “We Aim for Top 3 in All Markets”

Barcelona | The first outdoor LED, the first all-in-one wall and the first e-paper display in a larger format: ISE 2024 is a firework of premieres for PPDS. With a now complete LED line-up and a deal with Deutsche Telekom up its sleeve, PPDS made a confident appearance in Barcelona. During the exhibition, invidis spoke to Martijn Vanderwoude, Vice President Global Business Development, about the company’s ambitious transformation.

In comparison to what the market already offers, the products PPDS launched at ISE may not seem ground-breaking at first glance. However, they symbolize the transformation PPDS has undergone in recent years, now reaching a crucial point that could further elevate its significance in the professional display market.

Having only startet to manufacture LED in 2019, PPDS now showed a full LED signage line-up in Barcelona, unveiling not only the first product for the outdoor LED market but also the first All-in-One LED product. According to Martijn Vanderwoude, the real game-changer is the 138-inch version with a 0.79mm pixel pitch, capable of replacing a 4K LCD display in a meeting room.

All-in-One with 0.79mm Pixel Pitch

All-in-one LED is not a new concept – it was already one of the big trends of last year’s ISE. PPDS has followed suit this year: The fact that existing corporate customers can now be offered an LED alternative is strategically important for the manufacturer. The same interchangeable Android SoC as in the Philips D-Line displays is installed in the All-in-One series. The LED screens can therefore be made compatible with existing display networks. With the integrated power box, they can be shut down like a display or scheduled to be switched on and off. When switched off, the screen only consumes 0.5 watts. It uses COB technology and common cathode, which is generally more energy efficient and has a longer service life than other LED technologies.

Entry into the outdoor LED market with 6000 series

PPDS presents the Philips Urban LED 6000 Series at ISE 2024, the first outdoor series in its portfolio, with 2,000 square meters installed in the new Camp Nou Stadium of FC Barcelona. The 6000 Series features a brightness of 10,000 Nits, a contrast ratio of 5000:1, and a refresh rate of 7680 Hertz. PPDS reports an energy consumption of 280 watts per square meter. The modules are designed for both front and rear maintenance and are IP65-protected.

ePaper displays: breakthrough expected in a few years

When it comes to saving energy, Philips Tableaux ePaper displays quickly come to mind. Launched only last year as a niche product, PPDS now managed to initiate a major rollout for Deutsche Telekom. This year, a 32-inch display was also on show at the PPDS booth in addition to the 24-inch version. However, to truly reach the digital signage mass market and replace LCD displays, Martin Vanderwoude anticipates the need for 43 and 55-inch formats, expecting a real breakthrough in the second half of 2025.

With ePaper, customers of course have to live with certain limitations. But for scenarios where static signage is sufficient, the breakthrough is inevitable. Martijn Vanderwoude is certain: “The market will be huge.”

PPDS aims to play a leading role not only in E-Paper displays but also in all display segments: “Within the next few years, we want to be one of the top three providers in all geographical regions and in all signage segments.” In the hospitality segment, PPDS, with its Chromecast-Built-in Mediasuite-TVs, already holds a leading position globally. While not yet among the top three in other segments, PPDS management is diligently working towards achieving these goals.

With the FC Barcelona stadium as a prominent customer, exclusively supplied with both LCD and LED, PPDS is poised for further success. The new Camp Nou, with over 100,000 seats, is set to open in 2026. If PPDS continues to excel in bids and product development, the provider could climb the global rankings by then, at least in some markets.