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Digital Signage Awards: invidis Founder Named “Outstanding Individual”

Barcelona | Florian Rotberg was among the winners of this year’s Digital Signage Awards presented before ISE 2024 in Barcelona. He was named “Outstanding Individual,” with the award bestowed by Dave Haynes.

Following Dave Haynes’ legendary Digital Signage Mixer, the yearly Digital Signage Awards were held on the evening before ISE. The ceremony took place in the same location, with our North America partner Dave Haynes on board. invidis also attended, as one of the awards was particularly significant for us: invidis founder Florian Rotberg received the Outstanding Individual Award. Unlike the rest of the awards, there were no entries here; Dave Haynes personally selected the winner and did not miss the opportunity to present the award to Florian Rotberg in person.

The remaining awards were impressively dominated by airport eperiences, with Gentilhomme, Synect and Trison UK receiving multiple awards.

Here are the other categories with the respective winners and, if available, the high commendations:

The winners of the Digital Signage Awards 2024 (Photo: invidis)
The winners of the Digital Signage Awards 2024 (Photo: invidis)

Innovative and Impactful Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Winner: SNA Displays for TSX Broadway

Immersive and Experiential Environments

Winner: Gentilhomme – Orlando International Airport – Terminal C

Results-Driving, Customer-Facing Solutions

Winner: Trison UK  – Foot Locker

Relevant, Timely Data-Driven Displays And Creative

Winner: Synect – Orlando International Airport – Terminal C

High Commendation: 444 Digital – Sustainability Hub

Omni-Channel Design and Execution

Winner: Live Signage – Live Castagneto: Enhancing Local Experience through Digital Signage

High Commendation: Electrosonic – View Boston

Difference-Making Operational & Everyday Signage

Winner: Art of Context – Common Use Boarding Solution – Logan Airport Terminal E

High Commendation: Electrosonic – View Boston

Superior Technical and Project Design

Winner: Synect – Passenger 360 at OrlandoTerminal C

Temporary/Pop-up Projects

Winner: Electrosonic – Chaos #501 at The Gagosian Gallery


Winner: 444 Digital – Republic London

High Commendation: Three10 – BMW Design Center

DooH Advertising Campaigns

Winner: Travel Texas

Retail Marketing and Messaging

Winner: A&H Corporation – Ediya Coffee – Four Seasons Project

Helpful Information 

Winner: Delta Airlines – Elevating the Passenger Experience

High Commendation: Gentilhomme – Nashville International Airport – Grand Lobby

Large-format Digital Canvases

Winner: Moment Factory – The Orchard at Hamad International Airport (Qatar)

High Commendation: Gentilhomme– Nashville International Airport – Grand Lobby

Interactive Design

Winner: Gentilhomme – Orlando International Airport – Terminal C

Subscriptions, Curated Content, Templates and Media Integrations

Winner: Valotalive – Neste – Data Transparency and Improving Employee Engagement

Innovation in Management and Control Software

Winner: Synect – MCO Terminal C Visual Ecosystem/Passenger360

Innovation in Display Technology

Winner: LED Studio – V-Poster

High-Impact Application and Use of Emerging Software and Cloud Technologies

Winner: Korbyt – Machine Learning Broadcast

Difference-making Infrastructure

Winner: Peerless-AV – Seamless Kitted Series Universal DV-LED Mounting System

Clever, Intuitive Interactive Technologies

Winner: Trison UK – Foot Locker EU In-Store Digital Experiences

Customer and Partner Support

Winner: Entwined – Yes Optus Bourke Street

Outstanding Company

Winner: Livesignage – Painting the Future with Magenta