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Year in Review 2023: Gerhard Pichler | Easescreen

Easescreen Managing Director Gerhard Pichler identifies which digital signage trends will dominate the year 2024 and what role personalization will play in Easescreen’s year in review contribution.

This time we are once again looking back on a year full of changes in the digital signage industry. It is our honor and pleasure to reflect on the evolution of the industry and look to the future.

In 2023, we witnessed an even more intense encounter of technological innovation and creative expression in the digital signage industry. This industry, driven by a relentless pursuit of engagement and interactivity, has redefined the way companies communicate with their audiences.

Digital signage personalization has become a core theme, with brands leveraging data analytics to personalize content and create impactful interactions. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning has further driven this trend and promises even more nuanced and contextual content.

Seamless integration has become the backbone of successful digital signage ecosystems. The ability to sync across platforms, from mobile devices to oversized LED displays, demonstrates a commitment to a coherent and unified brand experience.

Collective effort for sustainability

Sustainability was the focus and reflected the societal shift towards environmentally conscious practices. From energy-efficient displays to reusable content strategies, the industry demonstrated its collective commitment to minimizing its impact on the environment.

Looking ahead to 2024, we expect these trends to accelerate. The boundaries between physical and digital spaces will continue to blur and captivate audiences. The rise of contactless technologies, fueled by global events, is also likely to continue and shape the future of interactive displays. As the digital signage landscape continues to evolve, collaboration and knowledge sharing will be paramount.

The interplay of technology, creativity and social trends promises a dynamic landscape in which innovation knows no boundaries. Let’s face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and together, let’s contribute to the continued growth and change of digital signage. Here’s to a future brightened by innovation and enriched by meaningful connections.