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Year in Review 2023: Christian Helbig and Christian Krämer | Cittadino

The world of digital-out-of-home has proven to be extremely dynamic in 2023, especially in the retail media sector. In the Year in Review contribution by Cittadino’s Christian Krämer and Christian Helbig fthey share their thoughts on the development of DooH for 2024.

The year 2023 was characterized by continuous growth and great dynamics for the entire DooH industry. The industry is still at the beginning of its journey, especially when it comes to the hype surrounding retail media. So when we talk about which trends in digital outdoor advertising will shape the coming year, it’s worth taking a look at those touchpoints that supposedly offer advertisers the greatest potential.

1. Retail

The news about retail media was overwhelming in 2023. For example, our acquisition of the Edeka and REWE network in Berlin and Brandenburg was not only a significant milestone for Cittadino, but also illustrates the industry-wide trend towards more screens in retail that can be booked programmatically.

Integrating data from different touchpoints allows advertisers across the industry to optimize their strategies. This makes targeting target groups more efficient and precise. In 2024, this integrative approach will continue to be the focus to meet the changing needs of advertisers.

2. Malls

Malls in particular ideally complement retail media network. Shopping centers offer the perfect opportunity to build a bridge between shopping and everyday consumption. This combination of retail and shopping malls is unbeatable for advertisers, as the strong booking situation in Q4 2023 shows.

3. Motorway Service Stations

Service stations are a particularly suitable touchpoint where brands can already be visible across the board in Germany. Whether for branding or PoS measures: the long dwell time is just as relevant as the many repeat contacts. The advertising options at rest stops make DooH the ideal touchpoint for travelers when all other channels are less busy due to the holiday season.

4. Airports

The recovery of passenger traffic at airports and consequently as an advertising environment is being felt across the industry. The increasing number of passengers opens up new opportunities that are being developed together with the airports. The integration of programmatically bookable video walls, for example, is a step – e.g. with the help of the data product “Addressable Gate TV” – towards more efficient and targeted advertising measures.

What is particularly noticeable is that, in addition to the top advertising events “branding” and “trade fairs”, the airport is now also a very sought-after recruiting environment. The business travel is still lagging behind pre-pandemic time, but the plane is now being used surprisingly frequently again for selected appointments. Meanwhile, the number of holiday travelers is approaching new records again. The same applies here as on the motorway: travel time is the optimal advertising season at airports.

Goal for 2024: Higher data quality and more reach

The successes of 2023 have strengthened the entire DooH market. We at Cittadino also see ourselves as ideally positioned to develop into a relevant player in our growing market segment. Our aim: to continue to work together with the other market participants on data quality and high-reach environments in the interests of advertising customers in order to make the last major mass medium usable even more specifically in the future.