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Titan OS: Philips TV Switches to Linux

Philips is changing the operating system for its consumer TVs from Android to Titan OS. The Linux-based operating system allows Philips to better market CTV on the home screen without sharing advertising revenue with Google. For professional digital signage displays, PPDS stays with the established Android SoC.

The Philips and AOC parent company TP Vision is changing the operating system of its connected TV platform from Android / Google TV to Titan OS. As part of a strategic alliance with the Spanish Titan OS based in Barcelona, ​​some Philips TV models will be equipped with Titan OS. The new platform enables Philips to offer a more personalized offering, including providing both key global streaming options and a wider selection of local content.

PPDS continues to build on Android

There are no changes for the digital signage market – here PPDS remains with the widely used Android operating system. Unlike Connected TV (CTV), display manufacturers in the B2B environment do not have access to the content offering including potential advertising revenue

The new Titan operating system – Titan OS – will be introduced for the first time as part of a global strategic partnership with TP Vision and will initially be used on two 2024 Philips-branded models – the PML9009 and the PUS8909.

The Titan operating system includes modern advertising solutions managed by Titan Advertising, enabling TV manufacturers to expand their business beyond hardware. This opens up the opportunity to generate ongoing revenue streams for the 40% of the TV market that does not have their own operating system (GFK data 2022).