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Standard vision: Specialist for Iconic Projects

New York | There are only a few digital signage providers who have been exclusively creating distinctive media architecture for many years. Perhaps Los Angeles-based Standard Vision’s recipe for success is that they are neither an integrator nor an LED manufacturer, but rather think holistically as an architectural lighting design studio and digital media company. At the NRF, Standard Vision showcases the visually attractive sides of digital signage.

Standard Vision from Los Angeles doesn’t fit into a box – and actually doesn’t fit into the NRF Retail Lab – the NRF exhibition area for particularly innovative start-ups. While start-ups are limited to a standardized small table and a uniform design (Advertima from St. Gallen is also exhibiting here), the Facebook group Meta and Standard Vision stand out from the monotony of start-ups in the innovation zone.

The Californians are presenting themselves in New York with transparent mesh LED and Lumas Canvas, a self-developed MicroLED (COB 0.8 mm) for retail and commercial spaces. On just a few square meters, the company shows how to orchestrate transparencies, layers and light for retail experiences. Refreshingly different and visually appealing.


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For Standard Vision, digital displays are more than just screens on the wall – but a medium that improves architectural aesthetics and at the same time is a digital canvas for creativity and information. LEDs in particular should not be perceived as a foreign object added to a design, but rather as an integral component.


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