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Retail Automation: Stratacache Launches “Scala Commerce”

New York City | Stratacache continues its transformation into a digital retail specialist through the introduction of its retail automation business unit, “Scala Commerce.” As retailers continue to suffer from staff shortage, the demand for more store automation is rising. Scala Commerce wants to address this demand with self-service solutions such as self-checkout terminals and kiosk systems, which were already displayed at NRF.

NRF visitors of the Stratacache booth were able to experience the first retail automation solutions developed by the new Commerce subsidiary. With the development of in-store self-service and service automation platforms, Stratacache is breaking new ground. The solutions are developed specifically to be used in retail, hospitality and quick service restaurants (QSR) and compete with those by NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Glory/Acrelec & Co. They, therefore, expand Scala’s digital signage solution portfolio beyond displays.

1,000 new employees by 2026

In a conversation with invidis at NRF, Stratacache CEO Chris Riegel emphasized the significance of the new products for the company’s growth. Looking ahead, Stratacache has ambitious plans to hire up to 1,000 new employees over the next three years, with the majority joining the newly established Scala Commerce division.

“Post-pandemic, our customers still suffer from challenges with the cost, availability and reliability of labor in the retail and hospitality sector. The mission of Scala Commerce is to help consumers identify, select, and transact better, with greater ease and more personalization in their retail interactions”, said Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache and Chairman of Scala.

Retail media at the Stratacache NRF booth (Photo: invidis)
Retail media at the Stratacache NRF booth (Photo: invidis)

Wide range of retail tech solutions

Scala Commerce focuses on the development, distribution, and operation of the following retail tech solutions:

  • Order terminals
  • Self Checkout
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Pick-up window solutions

All retail automation solutions are powered by Stratacache Saint, Stratacache Group’s proprietary AI engine. This AI-driven approach aims to enhance the shopping experience. The AI engine is intended to enable better and more personalized user experiences based on historical purchasing behavior while helping restaurant, hotel, or rental car operators improve revenue.

Next week: More insights about Stratacache and Scala from CEO Chris Riegel.  Invids met the CEO on the sidelines of NRF for an exclusive interview