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Moscow: Roadside-DooH in Russian Hand

With the start of the war, most Western brands withdrew from Russia and the advertising market collapsed. The DooH screens on the facades of Moscow are now filled with national advertisement political propaganda.

Until Russian troops invaded Ukraine, invidis had been active in Russia for over ten years with conferences and consulting projects. To this day, we remain personally connected to many digital signage and DooH experts, even if we can no longer have business relationships with Russia. Many creative people have left the country, but integrators are still in the country. Reliable market figures on how the Russian economy, the DooH and digital signage industries are developing are currently not available.

But we can show what it looks like on the streets of Moscow with a photo report. Invidis reader Marco Burkhardtsmayer (Muse-Content) was in Moscow over Christmas for family visit and came back with photos. The first impression: Moscow has upgraded many of its roadside DooH screens. Huge mesh LED facades along main roads displaying ads for Russian brands and patriotic campaigns.