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CES 2024: Sharp/NEC to Showcase Reflective LCD

Sharp/NEC plans to showcase reflective LCD displays at the upcoming CES. These displays use ambient light, resulting in extremely low power consumption and could complement high-brightness displays in the future. This trend might also be seen at ISE.

Reflective displays rely on ambient light, thus consuming very little power. Chinese panel producer BOE presented a prototype of this kind at the previous ISE. Although not widely used yet, these displays hold potential for outdoor applications like digital signage in public transport. Now Sharp/NEC has announced their display for CES, offering a low-energy alternative to the E-Paper models they also plan to reveal. Unlike E-Paper, these reflective LCD displays can show moving images. They combine a proprietary reflective structure with a low-frequency IGZO driver.

It’s likely that Sharp/NEC will also present this reflective LCD display to the B2B audience at ISE 2024 in Barcelona where sustainable solutions will be among the major exhibition trends. In past years, CES, happening a week later this year than usually, has also hinted at trends in the professional display market.

Sharp/NEC will exhibit these low-energy displays alongside Smart Living and Smart Industry solutions at booth 17229 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The expo runs from January 9th to 12th, 2024.