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Retail Media: SAS and M-Cube join forces

The American customer intelligence platform provider SAS Institute, the digital signage integrator M-Cube and the Czech retail media start-up Cruxo are combining their omnichannel retail media know-how for an combined instore / DooH, online and digital media solution.

With sales of $3.3 billion, SAS Institute is one of the leading providers of analysis tools and is considered a standard application in large corporations. According to the SAS Institute, 91 of the 100 largest Fortune 500 companies use SAS analysis tools. With the new partnership, SAS customers will be able to seamlessly expand their retail media activities to include email, app, online (Cruxo) and digital signage / DooH (M-Cube).

In the rapidly developing retail media market, digital and physical areas are increasingly overlapping. One reason why in-store screens are on the wish list of most large retailers. SAS Institute is already used by many major customers and, with the headless ad server, offers an open platform on which M-Cube with DXP One Digital Signage and Cruxo are based. The joint solution is primarily designed for multi-brand, omnichannel retailers.

“We are pleased that our partners are creating value based on SAS technology. Our headless ad server SAS 360 Match is inherently open to the entire advertising ecosystem, meaning the Retal Media solutions developed by Cruxo as part of this collaboration can be extended to offline advertising spaces such as in-store screens,” said Steve Perks, Head of Advertising Technology, SAS EMEA.

In-store screens generate 90% of retail media sales

“What makes this platform integration really fascinating is the synergy between digital and brick-and-mortar. Digital retail media has a lower volume, but achieves higher margins, around 80%. In-store retail media, which accounts for an average of 90% of sales, relies on infrastructure and operates with a margin of around 30%. By uniting digital and physical, the dynamics are mutually reinforcing,” said Leonardo Comelli, Chief Products and Solutions Manager at M-Cube.

Online and app sales achieve 80% margin

Users can plan and manage campaigns through the shared platform, from reserving seats to monitoring operations and launching campaigns. “This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for the retail sector. The benefits of online channels become available at the physical point of sale, including video and in-store radio. “We are very pleased to work with SAS and M-Cube to fulfill our commitment to take innovation to a new level,” added Matej Novak, founder of Cruxo.