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Download Now: The invidis Green Signage Handbook

A hands-on manual for making your digital signage network more sustainable: the invidis Green Signage Handbook guides end-users, manufacturers, and integrators towards measures that create a real impact.

The digital signage industry is built on energy-hungry products that use scarce resources. Making it more sustainable might sound intimidating, especially for small businesses. We don’t think it has to be this way: In our Green Signage handbook we unravel the myths surrounding Green Signage to provide a clearer, more manageable approach.

Download the invidis Green Signage Handbook for free!

If you hold a leadership role within a display manufacturing firm, a digital signage integrator, or a company managing a digital signage network, chances are you’ve been entrusted with incorporating sustainable practices to ensure your company’s resilience in the future.

In this handbook, you will find everything you need to take on this task. We show you proven measures to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reuse hardware
  • Recycle old components

These insights are the product of years of market research and consultation: We at invidis are a boutique consultancy and publishing firm specializing in digital signage, founded in 2006. We know the industry inside out, and this is a gift from us to you. Because we belief in making the digital signage industry better.

Thank you for making a difference.