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Master Digital Signage with our comprehensive Academy 

Digital Signage is becoming increasingly important for business success. Extending the online customer journey to physical encounters in retail or public spaces is attracting more and more market players. Learn from our industry experts and gain hands-on experience by tapping into the knowledge base of invidis, the industry’s leading consultancy! 

What we offer 

Our Digital Signage Crash Course will quickly familiarize you with the most important terms and working methods in the industry. This expert-led training covers all steps of the value chain from hardware, software, operating systems, content management to device management.  

  • Expert-led courses 
  • Hands-on training 
  • Diploma 
  • Flexible learning options (online and in-person) 

Who is the Academy for? 

Our online tutorial is aimed at all decision-makers who want to get a quick overview of the basics of the industry: 

  • You are new to the industry, and you need to get up to speed fast.  
  • You were recently promoted and need a broader skills base. 
  • You are responsible for purchasing a new digital signage provider. 

Course details 

We offer a continuous online tutorial that will be held 3-4 times per year in both English or German. Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The material has been developed by our experts with over twenty years of industry experience. You can choose from two levels, a general introduction in one session or a deep dive onboarding in four sessions. All training is delivered online, and we accept only eight students per class to encourage interaction and ensure learning outcomes.  

If you are an organization and would like to send a group of people, we can also tailor a course to meet your company’s specific needs.  


Service Price (in € plus VAT) 
Introduction – 3 hours introductory course providing insights in the industry logic, introducing crucial terminology and value chain logic. Online training course in German or English. €790/person 
Deep Dive – four times 3-hour deep dive sessions on value chain challenges and opportunities with selected case studies. Online training course in German or English.  €2,580/person 
Tailored – four times 4-hour onboarding course in German or English covering the industry logic in depth and adapted to the organization’s specific conditions. Online or onsite training module in German or English.  €8,500/max 8 persons online 

Our experts 

Our experts have learned the ins and outs of the industry and have held leadership positions with international integrators, hardware manufacturers, and software developers. They will take you on a journey from the beginnings of the discipline to the concepts of today and tomorrow. Hardware – Software – Operations – ROI, all in a compact overview that will make you want to accelerate your business! 

invidis team (Image: invidis)
invidis team (Image: invidis)

Markus Deserno – former founder and Managing Director of SEEN MEDIA, a larger German Digital Signage full-service integrator. Markus joined Invidis Impact in 2022 and is responsible for the sales and transformation offer

Daniel Oelker – former Chief Communication Officer for ZetaDisplay, a leading European Digital Signage integrator. Daniel joined Invidis Impact in 2022 and is responsible for the marketing and sustainability offer.

Marco Wassermann – former founder and managing director of Xplace, a larger German Digital Signage full-service integrator. Marco joined Invidis Impact in 2022 and is responsible for the software and technology offer.

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For more information contact Daniel.Oelker@invidis.com


Question Answer 
Why did you start the Academy? Digital Signage is a relatively young discipline with no internationally agreed curriculum. At Invidis, we have been following the evolution of the industry since its inception over twenty years ago. Today, we are the global knowledge hub and industry consultancy serving the industry. Therefore, the idea of a Digital Signage Academy came very naturally to us. 
Who is the Academy for The main target groups of the Digital Signage Academy are newcomers or decision makers with new responsibilities. The industry is complicated to understand because it combines several different disciplines, from hardware and software to marketing and maintenance management. Depending on where you come from, you may only see limited aspects of the value chain, not its entirety. We want to create an overarching view and understanding of how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. 
Will I get a certificate after having completed the course? Yes, you will receive an Invidis Academy certificate detailing the program content. 
Why should I subscribe to the course? Digital signage expertise cannot be studied through desktop research. We have compiled our knowledge from over 20 years in the industry, there is no other comprehensive study material available. 
How do I pay? After you register, you will receive an order confirmation and an invoice that you must pay before you can take the course. 
Can I invite somebody else from my company to join me during the Academy? No, our courses are designed to maximize content and team interaction. Therefore, we only accept up to eight participants per class. Cameras and microphones must be turned on for the duration of the class. 
What kind of study material will I get? The slides for each program will be provided in PDF format after the training is completed. 

invidis Academy –  broadening the knowledge base for the industry 

Invidis continues to build its knowledge hub platform by adding the invidis academy to its portfolio. The training course is aimed at newcomers to the industry and potential buyers of digital signage services. Customized training programs are also available, but all sessions will initially be online. The first sessions are booked for June. 

“When we met with market participants over the past few years, we were far too often puzzled by the lack of holistic skills in the industry,” said Markus Deserno, partner at invidis impact, commenting on the new service offering. “Depending on where the customer was in the value chain, they knew everything about their specific part, but had difficulty defining the essentials in other parts of the value chain,” Markus continues. “I came into the industry quite late and there was no curriculum to get up to speed quickly,” says Daniel Oelker, the second invidis impact partner working on the project. “We put ourselves in the shoes of newcomers to the industry and buyers on the customer side and clearly saw a gap in the market offering,” adds Marco Wassermann, the third partner of invidis impact, about the reasons for the academy.  

Three options 

The training program is snow-live and consists of three options where participants can either start with a general introduction in three hours or a deep dive with four half-day modules [link to landing page offer]. All training will be delivered online, recognizing the geographical spread of the industry. Training is available in either English or German. For more information, please contact academy@invidis.com for a detailed program.   

Content headlines per training course 

Training module Contents 
Introduction History The value chain & industry overview Hardware basics Software basics Operation Management basics Green Signage basics Selected case studies To measure success How to buy 
Deep Dive Contents as module Introduction, and…. Hardware & Green Signag in-depth Software & Operations in-depth Buying processes and new technologies in-depth 
Tailored As module “Deep Dive” added with company relevant case studies and workshop material 

Deep dive modules 

Module Content 
Module 1 What is Digital Signage – the pillars Industry overview How to buy, how to measure Hardware – Software – Operations key headlines Integrators The future of Digital Signage 
Module 2 –  
Hardware and Green Signage 
Hardware basics Indoor / outdoor demands Examples The market contenders Principles Green Signage What you can do related to hardware incl potential and action program 
Module 3 –  
Software and Operations 
The modern software – cornerstones and current state Dealing with legacy installations Operational management essentials 
Module 4 –  
Buying process and new technologies 
How DS is bought today and how it should be Calculating a ROI – theory and examples Cloud vs on premise, AI, retail media, ERP/CRM integrations