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Software: Wallboard and Playipp Announce Acquisitions

ISVs are back to acquiring other ISVs: In the patchwork that the digital signage software industry has become, Wallboard and Playipphave each acquired smaller firms, increasing their market share and platform capabilities.

Apparently it’s consolidation week in the digital signage software industry: Wallboard and Playipp, two mid-sized ISVs with less than 100,000 active licences, both announced acqisitions of smaller CMS providers. While Texan-Hungarian Wallboard took over the two US companies Keywest Technology and Unified Brand, Swedish Playipp acquired Norwegian Databeat. Both M&A deals are a sign that the digital signage software industry is continuing on its long path to less fragmentation.

Wallboard with two acquisitons

Wallboard’s announcement is what the company says a start to gaining more market share by acqusition – the US/Hungarian company is already actively seeking the next candidates. By acquiring Keywest Technology and Unified Brand, Wallmart aims to boost its developer resources and content offering: The Keywest team, located in Lenexa, Kansas, will be trained to improve Wallboard’s programming capabilities, while the Unified Brand team, based in Phoenix, Arizona, adds content creation services to Wallboard’s platform.

Guy Tonti, President of Unified Brand, is to become General Manager of Wallboard’s new Managed Content Services department. Tonti, a former Cisco director, founded Unified Brand in 2009. Keywest Technology, founded in 1998 and led by CEO Wes Dixon, will continue under his leadership.

Rod Roberson, CEO of Wallboard, states, “By integrating Keywest Technology and Unified Brand, we are expanding our resources and partnering with professionals committed to innovation and customer satisfaction.” Roberson leads the company out of Carrollton, Texas, while his development team operates out of Europe – near Budapest, Hungary.

Playipp takes over Databeat

Playipp, a digital signage SaaS provider from Sweden, has acquired Norwegian CMS company Databeat. The acquisition is backed by B2B software investor Monterro, Playipp’s majority shareholder. The move supports Playipp’s growth strategy and aims to expand its international market reach.

Henrik Mazzanti, CEO of Playipp, states, “This acquisition is a clear demonstration of our commitment to growth and innovation. Together, we will provide our customers with even more powerful and comprehensive digital signage solutions.”

Øyvind Andhøy, CEO of Databeat, adds, “Joining forces with Playipp is a natural progression for Databeat. Our shared vision and combined expertise will enable us to better serve our customers and expand our reach in the digital signage market.”

Whether Databeat will continue to exist as an independent brand is still unclear. Playipp emphasizes the “integration of Databeat’s robust technology”, making a continued independence rather unlikely.

Databeat was recognized as a “Major Player” in the invidis Digital Signage Market Compass 2024 for the Nordic countries. It serves around 3,000 customers in both the private and public sectors.