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Walmart: ESL Roll-Out Across 2,300 Stores

To better manage the pricing of its 120,000 products, Walmart plans to equip over 2,000 stores with digital price tags by 2026, starting with US branches.

Walmart is investing in digitalizing its stores and is planning to introduce electronic shelf labeling in 2,300 of its 10,600 stores worldwide by 2026.

These electronic shelf labels (ESLs) have prior been extensively tested in a pilot project. According to USA Today, the pilot began in 2023 at a store in Grapevine, Texas, and now includes 63 branches state-wide. The roll-out will primarily occur in US branches.

Supplied by Vusion, the ESLs are designed to help manage Walmart’s extensive product range and quickly implement price changes across large areas. In total, Walmart offers over 120,000 products in its stores.

Moreover, the digital price tags are to assist with inventory management and online order compilation.