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Tripleplay: CMS control via ePOS

Uniguest integrates its Tripleplay content management with four additional ePOS platforms. Digital signage screens can thus be controlled directly via the touchscreen of the ePos systems. The seamless integration is made possible by Tripleplay’s headless CMS architecture.

Digital menu boards in particular require real-time control of the content by employees on site in the restaurant. Menu item availability must be adjusted in real time, ideally controlled via the touchscreens of the ePOS systems. Typically the digital signage content is managed by the restaurant manager via a separate PC in the restaurant or via a mobile app.

The integration of Tripleplay into the North American ePOS systems from Venue Next, Shift 4, Kappture and Cheq now enables restaurant staff to manage the digital signage screens directly on the ePOS system. The simple integration is made possible by Tripleplay’s headless CMS architecture, which, unlike classic CMS systems, can be easily controlled via other CMS interfaces such as the CMS already installed on the ePOS systems.