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Panasonic: Cinema Experience in a Sleeper Seat

For all digital signage experts who find in-seat screens on airplanes too small and too low-res, help will soon be available. At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024 in Hamburg, Panasonic and seat manufacturer Collins Aerospace presented Maya, the business class seat of the future. The heart of the new premium seat is a 45” OLED for an immersive cinema experience at an altitude of 10,000m.

It’s not just digital signage experts who are spoiled when it comes to screen size, orientation and immersive experiences. Tech-savvy air travelers are also looking for an even better entertainment experience on long-haul flights. Collins Aerospace and Panasonic Avionics have developed the new Maya business class seat for this purpose – a new suite with a full digital experience.

The heart of the Maya suite is a Panasonic Astrova Curve 45-inch ultra-wide ultra-high-definition OLED display with a headphone-free audio system. Long gone are the days of CRT projects on airplanes, which were known more for washed-out colors and horrible compressed air sound than for an entertainment experience.

Curved OLED-Screens at 30.000 ft (Image: Panasonic)
Curved OLED-Screens at 30.000 ft (Image: Panasonic)

The entertainment system synchronizes seamlessly with passengers’ electronic devices. It offers familiar, curated control of the seating environment and supports passengers with different abilities with extended mobility, sensory, cognitive and language adaptations.

The seamlessly integrated Curve OLED display is three times larger than conventional screens and the first ultra-widescreen CinemaScope display (21:9) in the sky – the same screen format as in movie theaters. Based on seat geometry and viewing angles, Maya is said to provide a viewing experience 50% more immersive than in the cinema.