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Appspace: Lively Spaces instead of Boredom

Las Vegas | Appspace is one of the world’s leading digital signage software providers. The workplace specialist has strong roots in the Cisco ecosystem and has been navigating the fields of digital signage, IT, and collaboration since its foundation. At Infocomm, the company from Texas announced a new partnership with Microsoft, integrating Appspace digital signage into Microsoft Teams Rooms, turning the Microsoft Teams interface into an experience screen.

Large format displays in meeting rooms are often among the few screens not yet integrated into digital signage networks. Microsoft and Appspace now want to expand the “one-trick pony” screens with lively digital signage content. Unlike other solutions, Appspace integrates directly into Microsoft Teams Rooms.

In the default setting, inactive Teams Rooms devices display a static background with the room calendar. With the Appspace integration, companies can send digital signage content, messages and alerts to their Teams Rooms devices and transform meeting areas into lively communication spaces, while displaying important Teams Rooms information such as the room name and the room calendar preview.

The native Appspace-Microsoft Teams Rooms integration presented at Infocomm complements the existing Appspace app for Teams desktop and mobile devices. This allows companies to inform employees effectively, whether they are working in person, hybrid, or remotely.