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DSS Europe 2024: Exclusive invidis Yearbook Preview

Hot off the press: Tonight, the invidis Yearbook 2024 will be presented exclusively to all DSS Europe participants.

Tonight at DSS Europe 2024, the invidis Yearbook will be presented, fresh from the printers. Conference attendees will receive an exclusive copy, while the online version will be available in two weeks.

As always, the yearbook is available in a German and an English version.

This year, the invidis team has tackled a complex topic: digital signage software. There is a wide range on offer and comparisons are difficult. But software is increasingly becoming the defining component of the digital signage value chain.

The yearbook contains:

  • A market overview covering the most important trends and topics in the digital signage market
  • A detailed software special, including the global license ranking of software providers.
    For orientation in the industry: market compasses and rankings for the most important European and North American markets
  • A technology section highlighting product trends and outstanding projects
  • Retail Media 101, the compact overview of the hot topic in digital signage and DooH
  • The DooH sector, highlighting developments in Germany and North America, including a list of the most iconic DooH screens in the world

Digital signage professionals should not miss this resource. If you are not at DSS Europe, you can download the book from our download section in about two weeks.